Full Service - From Your Home or Work

We offer a premium service which saves you time by simply picking up your vehicle from your place of choice. Whether it be at home or the office, your vehicle will be picked up by one of our professionals and returned back to you at the time you need... Just in time for mum to pick up the kids from school or for the drive home from the office. This service starts with new tyres and expands to a full package where your car is fully valeted, serviced, batteries, Warrant of Fitness. Whatever your requirements are, you can be sure we will take care of it.

This premium service starts based on needing a full set of tyres or wheels and services listed below can be added on.

  • Oil service
  • Warrant of fitness
  • Detailed Valet service
  • New Battery
  • Wheel Alignment

Please ring or email us to make a booking in advance.